My name is Sisse Stroyer and I live and work in Copenhagen. I am educated photojournalist from the school of Media and Journalism in 2010 and work together with magazines, newspapers, schools, organisations and companies.

I lecture, facilitate workshops, photograph, make SoMe videos and write.

I am passionated about all aspects of photography, but specially interested in photojournalistic topics.

I am chairman of  the Press Photographers  Association and have been on board since 2015.

Working with different clients has given me the opportunity to work outside Denmark. I have been covering the Olympic Games in London and in Rio de Janeiro, traveled to Australia, South Africa and around Europe to cover the danish royal family and traveled to do my own stories made possible by grants.


#Snapshot, Finnish Museum of Photography (August 2014-Januar 2015)

#Snapshot, Triennale der Photographie, Hamburg (Juni 2015)